[CSVPA] day-1, 7th Sep


  • Introduce ourselves
    • different cultural backgrounds and languages
    • different place where we at right now
  • Check out this week schedule
  • Activities) three things you have in common & one extraordinary fact

Personal tutoring

  • Always check Canvas – Dashboard – course overview (weekly updated)
  • Student portal – Webmail (college address)
  • Activities)
    • what do you hope to gain & achieve in CSVPA <sharing our super objective>
    • contracts rule that we need
      1. be on time; 5 mins early
      2. openly communication; being open to learn each others as well as tutors
      3. fully support each other
      4. try new things; do not afraid unless you try first
      5. be patient
      6. speak in English; international students are required to speak in English even they talk to each other


“Why the actor’s body needs training?”

PT (Rachel Ellis)
  • Learning how to breath – neutral position (starting place)
    • Just tiny gesture tells stories; actors always telling stories
  • Relationship to space where you at now
  • where theatre began
    • In Greece, hillside
  • Activities)
    1. Moving your body with invisible tray
    2. Monologues
  • Making physical confidence

Movement is another starting place for performer.

PT (Rachel Ellis)


  • what is a monologue?
    • one person speaking in 2-3 minutes
    • Soliloquy
    • For an audition speech
    • should prepare two concepts of speech; classical and contemporary (1960~) in advance
    • e.g) Greek plays, Lope de Vega, Marlowe, Webster, Congreve, Sheridan…
    • Use various websites for the ones related to performing arts
      • themonobox.co.uk/monolibrary
      • dramaonlinelibrary.com/

The first day of school… What a chaotic, nervous-sick feeling, joyful word! Due to the corona pandemic, I am quarantined in dormitory and half of my classmates are not even in the UK. Thanks to the technological development of world, however, the class is successfully beginning in zoom, sharing induction of school life and a little bit of warm ups. I think it is always nice to meet new people from different backgrounds and languages with completely different ideas that I’ve never had before. We don’t know each other and maybe it is hard to know someone perfectly in the meantime of our life, but it still give me a joy that there is always another chance to find something that you’ve never known. I’m very looking forward to meet them soon.

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