[CSVPA] day-10, 18th Sep

Stretch & Mobility

Project Class

  • guide journalling
    1. write how you doing today in 7 words
    2. list name of people you met this week
    3. at least 2 word go with them
    4. how do you feel about this person
    5. go through every your teacher’s name
    6. lessons
    7. how would you describe your classes?
    8. so far on the course
  • The Alexander Technique – the beginnings of process
    • https://camalexandertechnique.co.uk/
    • About F.M.Alexander
      • Frederick Mathias Alexander (1869-1955)
      • ‘use of the self’ (1932)
      • moved to london in 1904
      • ‘lost his voice’ and sought professional help
      • became as a voice teacher
    • “what does it mean to do the Alexander Technique?”
    • “what exactly is his ‘technique’?”
    • part1) process
    • part2) reaction and presence
    • part3) next wee lesson…



  • <(the) Play is the thing> by play researcher/psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Brown

Play is more than just for fun it is vital.

Dr. Stuart Brown
  • play is an ‘altered state’
  • Giving signals questions
    1. when might you ‘give a signal?’
    2. how do you let someone know you want to play with them?
    3. what do you do if you don’t want to play?
  • Getting signals questions
    1. when might you ‘get a signal’? from whom?
    2. how do you know what a signal means?
    3. have you ever misunderstood a signal?
  • Mixed signals
    1. have you ever experienced ‘mixed signals’?
    2. has anyone misunderstood your signals?
  • Types of play
    1. body play – physical
    2. object play – with stuff
    3. social play – people and collaboration
    4. rough and tumble – finding the limits
    5. spectator and ritual – TV, concert, festival
    6. imaginative – storytelling
  • Biology
  • Animals
  • Neotony : retention of immature qualities into adulthood. “Being childish!”
  • History of play
  • Personal history of play
    • how has this time (COVID-19) impacted the way we play?
    • what do you want for your ‘play future’?

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