[CSVPA] day-11, 21th Sep

Warm up



  • “doing exact same thing that you did in 5 mins” x2

If acting representing a life, what is real life actually like?

Rachel Ellis
  • interactions
  • talk over
  • interrupt yourself
  • changing thoughts
  • spontaneously *not planned
  • TIME


  • finding full sentences
  • What is main idea? (main thought)
  • how along together?
  • what is the key idea to think?
  • <Table work> always comes first because you have to understand first of all before doing something
  • where is punctuation at?

First day of school! Finally all members gathered (unfortunately some are somewhere over the world) in studio. I was so glad to find that sitting around together and eye-contact each other is such important thing of our life which I’ve never thought before the coronavirus pandemic. In the class, we don’t absolutely have to worry about the technical problems nor to “mute” ourselves at all.

During the <Movement> class, we practice getting used to the place and interacting with others, keeping the social distance. We could try to walk, run, jump, pause, look… etc., having conscience our circumstances and people around. If you just breathe on the stage, people will notice soon which never could happen in zoom or online streaming.

Find your “main thought”

If you got any role in a play, then you will also need a table work before or the beginning of theatre production as you have to understand the concept and main idea of the play. It is required for actors and even staffs to know the objective of the play as well as what they are aiming to do. Theatre cannot be your own project and it is hardly to be happen in a short time no matter how it is. The most important thing to do in theatre production would be “focusing/concentrating” and “communicating/interacting” with others because theatre is the combination of most socially connected actions with others.

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