[CSVPA] day-12, 22th Sep

Body Conditioning


  • <The first lesson> by Richard Boleslavsky
  • I: him, Creature:her
  • “to concentrate” but open
  • not “one thing” but everything
  • open your all senses that you can feel in
Richard Boleslavsky

Theatre in Context

  • <Our empty theatres> by Helen Murray
  • https://www.helenmurrayphotos.com/galleries/ouremptytheatres
  • ‘What do our empty theatres mean to you?’
  • Research)
    • Bridge Theatre <beat the devil>
    • The Lowry at salford turned into a temporary court
    • Reopening of The National Theatre
    • Jeong-dong Theatre in South Korea
    • Berline Theatre <Faust> by Goete in Germany
    • Main square (outside) <Antigone>
    • Beijing Theatre <A Doll’s House> in China
    • Volshoy Theatre in Russia
  • Timeline of Western Theatre
  • Greek tragedy
  • Oedipus Rex
greek theatre
greek theatre 2
classical theatre/opera theatre
modern theatre


  • <Phonetics> #3
  • “Hid”
  • “Had”
  • “Head”
  • “Hut”
  • “Hot”
  • “Hood”
  • “Ago”

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