[CSVPA] day-13, 23th Sep

Warm up

Personal Tutoring

  • Attendance
  • college nurse 8:30~9:00

Scene Study

  • <A Doll’s House> by Henric Ibsen
  • cold reading
  • find different perspectives and interpretations
  • find facts and questions
  • 10 words for sum up the story
    • T : work, sulking, nest, insufferable, no, father, chocolate, bored, ignore, thank you
    • N : sorry, money, anything, money, promise, sometimes, promise, wasn’t, someone, Dr.rank

One to Ones

  • Rosalind from <As you like it>
  • Chris from <My best friend>
  • Girl from <Josephine and I>
  • Lady Macbeth
  • Queen Margaret
Rosalind, <As you like it> at National Theatre
<my best friend>
<Josephine and I>
<Lady Macbeth> at Shakespeare’s Globe
<Queen Margaret> at Royal Exchange Theatre

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