[CSVPA] day-15, 25th Sep

Warm up

Project class

  • journalling
    1. describe your feeling today in 7 words – excited for the weekend relaxing free time
    2. thought-provoking moment – presenting monologues in one to ones with Rachel, looking at the mirror(image), movement class, the first sixth lesson by Richard Bolevslavsky, Laban
    3. difficult/struggling moment – Cooking(need quite a lot of energy), living in the UK as an Asian
    4. moment that made you love – first time to go outside
    5. quotes from readings – “To be or not to be, that is a problem”, “It’s hilarious! My boyfriend just asked me to marry him”, “Living Newspaper”, “There is a murder among us”
    6. quotes from friends – “Your are very flexible”, “You are so career woman”, “What actors should be on the stage?”, “What would our empty theatres mean to you?”



  • movement
  • calling games – “dream drama girls”

Sometimes theater feels like a “sport” to me. Not only do you have to move your body hard, but you also have to think constantly. But more important thing here is instinct. You need to be as faithful to your instincts as memorizing the lines you’ve given. This is because there is no guarantee that the same stage will be every night. Actors should not only to memorize the lines perfectly, but also to be able to modulate them according to the situation. That is why there are so many movement classes in acting school and teachers try to understand their students to do something without thinking during the practicing.

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