[CSVPA] day-16, 28th Sep

Warm up


  • Imagine be yourself as grass or reed
  • remember inner-tempo(rhythm)
  • follow your partner and copy each other
  • Greek chorus exercise – every work together, looks dynamic and powerful + put your own story
  • in response of other people and being aware of others
  • sensitivity
  • speaking and moving at the same time is hard work
  • ensemble moving + one person speaking
  • combine – connect physically and emotionally
move as reed
follow your partner


  • to be someone that you observe in the weekend
  • behavioral action
  • expressive action
old lady waiting for train at a station
can you be someone who just pass by? what was his/her appearance/traits/habits?


  • action – verb – present/past/future
  • thoughts “Full stop”(complete thought) – imagery/metaphor/questions/concepts/comparisons
  • punctuation (indications of all information by writer)
  • feelings
  • emotion word
  • emotional attchment – people/object/memories
  • trigger words

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