[CSVPA] day-17, 29th Sep

Body conditioning


  • arbitrarily

arbitrarily adverbUK  /ˌɑː.bɪˈtreə.rəl.i/ US  /ˌɑːr.bəˈtrer.əl.i/

arbitrarily adverb (BY CHANCE)

in a way that is based on chancerather than being planned or based on reason:We made the decision to go to Italy quite arbitrarily.He arbitrarily decided to take the part. 추가 예

  • They just arbitrarily pick a number.
  • You can’t just arbitrarily say that there are going to be 500 more students.
  • We didn’t make these changes arbitrarily, but for a good reason.

The scene is just river of the emotion.

Chris Mckay
  • feel -> make(act) ; american style
  • make(act) -> feel what you did/said ; Sanford meisner technique

Exercises should not make you

more technical

but more


Cicelly Betty (actor)
  • One word for each 5 skills
    1. physicality. posture. poise
    2. control. doing something. ‘as if’ stimulate
    3. imagination
    4. action
    5. while interacting(share) with others(audience)
  • difference between ‘pretending’ and ‘imagine’
  • how does actors practice?
  • paraphrasing in play is dangerous. Don’t change the lines. impulse with writing
  • subconscience – you can’t know
  • reaction – you don’t choose but you do choose “action”
  • under pressure, just letting the words happen.
  • context if you don’t understand you can feel it because you’re human being. audience will only care about the moment you said.

if you understand well enough,

acting will just happen.

Chris Mckay

Theatre in Context

  • groundling
  • <forced entertainment> shakespeare theatre as table top
  • visual guide to Greek play
  • https://www.splendidproductions.co.uk/
  • <Oedipus Rex>


  • Phonetics #4 – vowel glides Diphtongs
  • figure out what you’re doing and practise then let it happen!
  • 2 categorize : closing and centering

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