[CSVPA] day-2, 8th Sep

Warm up

Personal Tutoring (with Head of Welfare)

  • Activities
    • about myself
    • about my partner

One of the best skill of acting is listening.

PT (Rachel Ellis)

Learning with an artist

  • “What is training?”
  • “How do you express yourself?”

Unique means indivisible; that means YOU.

Chris Mckay

If people know how hard I had to work to gain my mastery,

it would not seem so wonderful at all.

  • Pressure situations always occur to artists
  • 10 Rules for students and teachers by John Cage
  • Grow indoor plant!


  • Introduce myself
  • Recording for audition piece
  • Read the chapter of Laban mastery of Movement, and find & write down at least 3 quotes


  • running shoes (soft&easy to jump and run)
  • tight tops and pants

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