[CSVPA] day-3, 9th Sep

Warm up

Acting (with guests tutor)

  • Well-reading <Romeo and Juliet> prologue (sonnet)
  • find a keyword and guess the meaning of the single word (by natural, by general, by context, by sub-context…)
  • Feel a beat and rhythm
    • e.g) I want to go to get to my tea.
  • Playing with words
    • without vowels/without consenant
  • Literation; “What do they convey?”
    • Since back then in the Shakespeare period, there was no “artistic director” or “stage manager” so that means actors do their best to read well only with text they were given.
    • Also, back then in the Globe Theatre, audiences can shout and talk to actors which means a lot of noises by crowd. Actors must draw their attention using not only their voice or movement but artificial techniques that can pay attention of spectators.


  • RP accent & phonetics
  • Self-recording the rainbow passage with own natural accent

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