[CSVPA] day-20, 2nd Oct

Body conditioning

Project Class

  • not to do anything
  • journalling
    1. 7 words (emotion) : ambitious, irritate, love, hate, question, connect, gloomy
    2. 4 weeks ago, I was : in South Korea, travelling
    3. This month has : been all new to me, I had to try to be accustomed to everything surrounded by me as possible as I can. All I need to do is focusing every moment that will never exist any more in my life. I’m trying to use my words and videos to convey my feelings and situation as possible as I can.
    4. 4 weeks ago, I was expecting to enjoy the class in CSVPA, now, I’m quite enjoying myself being in this school because all the information and knowledge which I never could get in another countries spread over the class. I wish my english would be better to understand every single words teachers or classmates said and have a more profound debating and communication with other people.
    5. 3 big things to-do list within 3 weeks
      1. blog updates
      2. youtube updates
      3. go to museum, gallery, theatre if I can spare
      4. know the monologues, read the play, find writer and backgrounds
  • look at each other and describe one thing and REPEAT AGAIN and AGAIN
  • change partner
  • say what I’m saying and you’re saying REPEATDLY

An ownce of behaviour

is worth a pound of words.

  • thinking about breath
  • recognise person who stand in front of me right now
  • say what you see exactly


  • mimic each other
  • game – mimic gesture

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