[CSVPA] day-22, 6th Oct

Warm up


I can take any empty space

and call it a bare stage, someone walks

across this space whilst someone else is watching,

and this is all I need for an act of theatre to be engaged.

Peter Brook
  • <The Empty Space>
  • dense, quite short sentences
  • repetition – dull thing but…
  • representation – what’s the goal of character? “become” is dangerous, toxic, addictive tendency. how would you know that you “became” the character? you just “represent” the character.
  • “just being in there” we always change and affect each other to some degree
  • magic – “it cannot be real!” or “Oh, it’s real!”
  • suspend
  • all the best performers make look easy

Theatre in Text

  • steven berkoff <Oedipus> modern version



  • Phonetics #5 <Diphtong>

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