[CSVPA] day-25, 9th Oct

Body Conditioning

Project Class

  • Do nothing
    • “invent nothing, deny nothing” by Sanford Meisner
  • Journalling
    • 7 words
      • only sleep 2 hours with bad dreams
    • 3 quotes from the week (read or told)
      • it’s okay to do nothing
      • don’t do that
      • language can lie but body can’t
    • 3 different name teachers or adjectives – what they encourage you?
      • rachel ellis : focusing, to concentrate on individual works in a various view
      • chris mckay : skills, to have attitude as an actor and performer
      • eian creckett : balance, to adjust your body into environment and learn how to control body parts
    • pick 1 student and describe he/she
    • what do you think drama school value on a student? what are they looking for?
      • People usually say that only those who has a talent get into drama school and be an artists. But, I doubt it very much. In my experience, what really significant thing to do/to be an artist is just doing practice repeatedly every day. Endurance and Repetition. Actors should train themselves and try to get skills all the time because audiences will only notice the moment when they are on a stage, not the backstage. Actors should prepare to show themselves in front of others in a perfect condition whenever they want.
    • ideal student
      • deligent/question(ask)/consistency/practice/enjoy/repetition/self-reflection



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