[CSVPA] day-35, 23th Oct

Body Conditioning

Project Class

  • Journalling
    1. 7 words – refresh, restart, very good, fresh, morning
    2. 3 things having done this term (might school related) happy with myself or proud – make creation with japanese people through zoom/present monologues at csvpa/complaint about accomodation
    3. 3 things I remember – crying/burning my skin/struggling with my life
    4. how would you rate yourself (engagement) what’s the next step for you? – I think I spent too much time thinking unsolvable problems and I may be impatient these days
    5. why is safety is important?
  • <Stage combat> it’s not real. it’s like magic. perform as if it’s real. audience would be : “wow, how did they do that?” to maintain illusion. audience cannot stay the present if they’re worrying about the actor’s safety. deal with accident

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