[CSVPA] day-37, 3rd Nov

Body Conditioning


  • peter brook <The Slyness of Boredom>
  • speak slowly&clear
  • popular theatre ‘ elite theatre’ ‘commercial theatre’
  • paul scofield
  • “Theatre is life” “life in the theatre”
  • highest level of theatre – irresistable presence of life
  • renew your interest at every moment
  • imagine audience – what is happening & affected by them
  • look at the wall, conscience watching myself
  • Question) when we doing our monologue what should we we? looking at who? Is there preference? or depends on production or director?

Theatre in Context

  • <About Shakespeare>
  • duologue preparation
  • biography, writing, works, journals, records
  • 2012 exhibition, british museum

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpower treason and plot

we see no reason

why gunpower treason

should ever be forgot

Guy Fawkes
  • catholic back then – had to hide their face
  • protest and attempt to blow the parliament
  • strong voice to the public
  • <Macbeth>
  • they take their fate into their own hands like Oedipus – dramatic device setting at the beginning
  • Latin contains all information
  • antient greeks tells stories by language
  • aim: to kill a king is “bad thing” because play is gift for the king back then so that no one wants to attempt to assassinate the loyal
  • ghost
  • execution of the priest – where they hung up
  • exercise) close your eyes and listening&imagine meaning and scenary
  • enjoy the sound of the words
  • focusing on your partner
  • search words
  • old english has a lot of “f” letter
  • print type face was different
  • when Shakespeare was writing Macbeth, he had no idea who would kill the king – ambiguity
  • quite short play because king’s attention was short
  • superstition fo the words in Shakespeare’s works
  • go through the monologues
  • every detail of language – feel emotion -> physicalising “express how you feel it natuarally”


  • breath and vocal warm-up
  • Weak forms <-> Strong forms

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