[CSVPA] day-40, 6th Nov

Body Conditioning

Project Class

  • journalling
    1. 7 words – tidy rush unconscience unfocus trying to enjoy
    2. I felt uncomfortable but on the other hand, I thought actors should know about psychology in order to understand how their feeling is. There are a lot of types of feelings and emotion just normal people have or sense, especially as an actor, it is important to know and train them to express it appropriately, with using the techniques by repetition.
    3. What is important when you do perform in that moment? – For me, it is significant to do it as what exactly I did it during the rehearsal. That is why rehearsal is so important to us as much as the performance.
    4. How do you think you could be better than now? – speed, eliminate too much thinking, focusing the present, articulation
  • self-taping for audition round1 – light, sound(noise), background, body (close-up or whole body)

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