[CSVPA] day-42, 10th Nov

Body Conditioning


<Body Language>

  • fro being human 0 the NewScientist 2015
  • do your sense take to with them
  • gestures
  • we as actors create tension in the room
  • don’t cut the tension, don’t just let go

Theatre in Context

<Julius Caesar> by William Shakespeare

<Staging the world Shakespeare>

  • podcast – how London becomes Rome
  • what London espire to be?
  • how we use language, how public speakers do it?
  • “Arches of triumph” 1604 Londinium
  • “fear” of king/queen/monarch to be assasinated by relatives, people who were used to have close relationship
  • what does RETORIC means? persuasive language
  • techniques of Brutus’s speaking


<Voice Almighty>

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