[CSVPA] day-5, 11th Sep

Warm up


Making blogs

Project class

  • Journal keeping “Journal like a Pro”
    • keep track
    • look forward
    • remember back

Process plus recording make complexity.

Chris Mckay
  • How to Journalling
  • Keep write and write and write
  • Keep in mind the setting
    • Check-in
    • Checklist
    • Intentions and Achievements
    • Cultivating Gratitude
    • My happy hour
  • Evidencing your work
  • Critical analysis – knowing how and understanding why
  • Set some goals (Big>Medium>small)
  • List your strengthness and weekness/three weekness into strengthness/think how achieve


  • Quiz for two facts and one lie
  • Research the history of ballet and find three interesting facts to share with class


  • Warm up – Voice training
  • Celebrating expression
  • Finding things

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