[CSVPA] day-7, 15th Sep

Body Conditioning

Theatre in Context

  • Theatre about 9/11
    • December 2002, New York, US, <The Guys> written by Anne Nelson
      • https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/120597/the-guys-by-anne-nelson/
    • December 2002, <The Mercy Seat> by Neil Labute
      • https://www.londontheatre.co.uk/reviews/the-mercy-seat
  • “What if we stayed in World Trade Centre at that time?”
  • Watch Vimeo (10 mins) <DECADE>
    • length of the play=actual time=realism
    • audiences get through immigration set

What is theatre for?

Rachel Ellis
  • emersive/emersion
  • Verbatim theatre (Documentary Theatre)
    • take interview people and use it as text for actors
    • recording the facts and repeating
    • same material but different form
  • exercise) “What is going on now?” “What is context of your life right now?”
    • relationship
    • family
    • lockdown
    • Black Lives Matter
    • social devide
    • beauty standard
  • Federal Theatre Project in US (1935)
    • during the Great Depression
    • living newspaper
    • Royal Court Theatre in London will start “living newspaper” in November 2020
    • “Editions will include satire of the week’s events, alongside long-form think pieces. There will be weekly dating columns, cartoons, the world in pictures, a sports section and a surprise theatre supplement. Plus, every week a space will be given to a guest company to create whatever they want in response to the world we are in.”
    • https://royalcourttheatre.com/home/livingnewspaper/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Paid&utm_campaign=livingnewspaperlaunch&utm_term=RCT&gclid=CjwKCAjwzIH7BRAbEiwAoDxxTpxafQTdYvbbYQU5mrVD5Pg9J_L_nxKw67h7NFXafKYDLAZ0y91oRxoC-s8QAvD_BwE
    • long-form think pieces may be new form of theatre in the future
  • HW) Find out what is going on theatre at this moment
    • reference – The Guardians, National Theatre…
    • across the country&home country


Q1) “What is it to act?”

Q2) “What is it to be an actor?”

Q3) “What is acting mean to you?”

  • It is not a test but just for you. Have your own identity.
    • aim : become more impulsive
  • actors – not brain, but also brain, more like embodiment in thinking
    • how body express yourself
    • imagine – brain in your centre. guts
    • explore moving without any goal
    • moving without any reason
    • what body does seem to work?
    • get feedback from your body

Communication is inevitable.

Chris Mckay
  • Laban said, “you can’t avoid the movement.”
  • Presentation <Factors of Movement – Rudolf Laban (1879-1958)>

Man moves in order to satisfy a need.

Rudolf Laban (1879-1958)
  • ‘Laban Notation’ – shading-height/shape=direction
  • “How goes it?” another mean where is a person going
    1. space
    2. weight
    3. time
    4. flow

Man aims by his movement toward something that is of value to him.

Rudolf Laban (1879-1958)
  • aims = objectives, intentions, goals
  • value = maslow’s hierarchy of needs (https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-4136760)
  • 8 Efforts (qualities of movement/attitudes)
  • Disclaimer : idea of being free/’mechanical advantage’ in Alexander Technique
  • movement – thinking = bodymind
  • constant desire to ‘do’ = ‘habit’
  • Laban’s Mission Statement
    • “We need an authentic symbol of the inner vision to affect contact with the audience.”
  • “Being” in front of people (audience)
  • Authenticity
    • you don’t have to be always natural on stage but just try to be authentic


  • Vowel chart and long monophthongs
  • The placement fo the vowel symbol corresponds to the required tongue position
    1. “Aah”
    2. “Err”
    3. “Awe”
    4. “Eee”
    5. “Ooo”
  • HW) 5 words for each sound

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